A more aesthetically pleasing crypto-apparel manufacturer would allow crypto communities to identify and connect with each other offline without having to constantly mention the price of bitcoin or other cryptoassets. We want to provide a peer-to-peer offline networking solution to the identification and awareness problems inherent in global crypto communities.


In essence, the best part of the crypto community is spontaneously finding another person who also loves crypto – anywhere in the world. We also love certain coins and wanted to spread the word about them in a cool and fun way through awesome looking jerseys.


We have designed and manufactured premium and creative crypto-inspired jerseys. These jerseys are uniquely branded with various cryptoassets and incorporate the nuances of crypto, i.e.: hash badges, genesis block text, node heatmaps, and ring signatures. This is not your average piece of crypto apparel.

1. Introduction

The crypto-community in real life has come to rely almost exclusively on meetup.com and blockchain conferences to provide non-Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram interactions. While this system works well enough for most surface-level interactions, it still suffers from the inherent weaknesses of the “business networking” model. Completely spontaneous interactions are not possible, since identification of other crypto-community members relies upon audibly hearing the words “bitcoin,” “cryptocurrency,” “just HODL,” “lightning/sharding,” or “[INSERT ICO NAME HERE].”


The cost and channel of identification limits the possibility for deep and spontaneous conversations that go beyond one-off internet debates.


What is needed is a creatively designed article of clothing based upon the technical specifications of cryptoassets, allowing any two willing parties to converse openly and directly with each other without the need for audible or geolocation cues. In this paper, we propose a solution to these issues through satoshi shirts: uniquely crypto, creatively designed, and ethically manufactured jerseys.

2. Proof-of-Cloth

Our solution is a jersey, manufactured to the specifications of a soccer/football jersey. We have taken the cut, fit, and raw materials used for professional grade jerseys and implemented our own custom designs in hopes of raising the tide of crypto.

2A. Monero [XMR] hash badge

2B. ERC 721 Token:

No this token will not be listed on any exchanges. It serves as proof of authenticity and proof of ownership – or your digital receipt. When you purchase a satoshi shirts jersey, you will receive instructions to receive our ERC 721 token to your MetaMask account. Each coin design is limited to 500 jerseys, and each ERC 721 token contains the jersey you purchased, unique number stitched on it, and the version of the jersey (e.g., genesis block, block 1, block 2, etc.). The secondary function of this token is to get new users in the blockchain community to use tokens in a novel way and scan the Ethereum blockchain to identify their unique jersey. Note: all tokens will be distributed during Q1 2019.

3. Roadmap

First, we are launching Ethereum and Monero jerseys. We will then move towards launching Bitcoin and Litecoin jerseys. Eventually, we hope to expand to more cryptoassets, selecting these coins through public voting.

4. Conclusion

We believe we have created the most unique crypto apparel currently on the market. We’d love to know what you think, so please – get in touch at info@satoshishirts.com, Tweet at us @satoshishirts, or leave us feedback by tagging @satoshishirts on Instagram. Our mission is and will always be to become your favorite piece of apparel in your wardrobe and to push crypto use and adoption to new heights.