1. put our employees first – inclusive employment and fair wages

  2. see the world through our customers’ eyes - quality products executed well

  3. evolve constantly and believe (changing your mind === learning); //true

  4. inquire curiously, compromise stubbornly

  5. do short-term, think long-term

  6. have small egos, but big ears

  7. believe good is the enemy of great

our values

/ authenticity & integrity:
  a requirement, not an option


/ obsession:
  "love is a better teacher than a      sense of duty" - A.E.


/ skepticism:
  don't trust, verify


/ perspective:
  perspective is your friend, seek      out a few more


/ clarity:
  "simplicity is the ultimate            sophistication" - L.V.


/ teamwork:
  it takes two to tango, success is      not a solo player game